Transitioning your Wardrobe for Fall


How is it already nearing October?? My blissful summer feels but a distant memory, and instead it has been about close-toe shoes, extra moisture on my skin, and putting away of my shorts and tank tops. Already it is time to tuck away your favourite summer outfits, and pull out your oversized scarves, leggings, and flannel shirts. While I am sad to see summer go, and am also embracing the cooler weather and with it – autumn clothing.

Which now creates the task of transitioning over your wardrobe. If you are fortunate to have enough closet space to house each season right in your immediate reach, then some of these tips may not apply. However, if you only have enough room to display the current season, or prefer to only see one season’s worth at a time, odds are you need to switch over your clothes!

I personally love this task – cleaning out my wardrobe, getting rid of a few items, and pulling out all of the clothes I love that I haven’t seen since the last year. It *almost* feels like getting new clothes.

So go to your closet and let’s get cracking!


Pull it all out. You heard me, it’s all got to come out! All the sandals, swimsuits, shorts, etc. should all be pulled out. You will need to assess each item individually to make a decision about its fate. If you would like to do a deep clean, you can also wipe down your shelves, vacuum, and remove any non-wardrobe clutter that is being stored in your closet.

With everything on your bed, you will be pretty motivated to get through this task in one day so that you don’t wake up to a disastrous room in the morning. Don’t get overwhelmed though! You are totally capable of getting through this in a reasonable amount of time – you just need to stay focused.

Return relevant staple pieces. If you know that some of your pieces can definitely be worn from one season to another, and you like wearing them and they’re in good repair, place them back in your closet. This will feel like a “quick win” for you in getting through your pile of clothes and get you off to a good start.

This can also include items like workout gear for indoor workouts, or swimsuits for indoor pools or hot vacations.

Evaluate. As you choose each item to go through, there are a series of typical questions that you should consider each piece. Most important, you have to ask yourself if you enjoy wearing the item. Some other questions you should ask are: Did I wear it this year? Will I be excited to see this again next year? Is it in good condition? Is it worth storing? Will this still be in style? Does this need any repairs? Are the repairs worth it, and will I actually have those repairs done?

Remember, these questions are the meat and potatoes of this whole process! There are so many things to consider so that you ensure you only keep things you actually love and will wear again the next year. I have made the mistake of storing items from one year to the next, only to pull it out and realize that I am not interested in wearing it anymore. This is annoying, but it’s okay! We can’t predict the future, but we can try to minimize the amount that this happens.

Preparation. Once you have gone through all of your items, relax! Congratulations! You have done great work and have earned yourself a quick break. When you are ready, gather everything that needs a little TLC before being stored away for another season. This will include things like doing laundry, cleaning up and deodorizing your shoes, removing any items from coat pockets, and retrieving any items that you decided to have repaired.

Once you have finished that, carefully store all of your seasonal clothes, shoes, and accessories away for another year. You can rest easy knowing that things will be stored nicely, and will be in good condition when you pull them out again. You could even add a dryer sheet or paper perfume sample to add a nice smell.

Pull out the relevant season’s items. Now for the fun part – pulling out your “new” clothes! Am I the only one who finds it exciting to be reunited with my old pieces once again? When you see your new items, go through each of them like you just did with the old season. Ask yourself the same questions – perhaps there may be one or two things that you don’t end up keeping after all. Or maybe everything is exactly as you remembered. This will also allow you to identify any holes in your wardrobe. If there are things you would truly benefit from in your wardrobe, make a specific list and stick to it. You should have an easier time finding it now that you’re in the correct season.


All the best in switching over your wardrobe – I would love to hear how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Transitioning your Wardrobe for Fall

  1. I was ready to transition into my fall wardrobe and then this week the weather warmed up to have 25 degree days! I’ll wait a bit longer before storing all of my summer items. I did buy pumpkin spice yogurt today though so at least I’ll have the taste of fall.

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