Ways we Saved Money this Month: September 2017


Ahhh, September. What a sweet month it has been for us over here at The Minimal Wife. Not only did this blog start up this past month, we were able to enjoy both the tail end of summer, and now we are into full-blown fall mode. We are all about pumpkin and apple scented everything around here! We have pulled out the tights and scarves (when we cleaned out our closets in my last blog post!) and have wool socks on backup in case our ankle booties aren’t warm enough.

September was a decent month for our budget too! I won’t say that we didn’t buy anything extra, but we were able to get some great deals on needed items. Since we switched over our clothes for cooler weather, there were some noticeable gaps in what we had to wear. We don’t buy clothes that often, so it was quite exciting to buy some new pieces without feeling like the money could have been better spent elsewhere. Let’s get into the ways we saved money in September!

  1. Bath & Body Works: This is how I get my fall treats without breaking the bank. Fall scents are my favourite of the whole year, so I do allow myself the indulgence. The soaps were on sale for 10/$35. There is no way that my household would use 10 soaps over the fall season, so my mom and I went in on the sale together. Once you hit the 10 minimum, any additional soaps are still sold at the sale price. I purchased 5 and she bought 7, all for $3.50 each. Then we had a “spend $30, get $10 off” coupon, which we used to save even more on the soaps.

Then there were a couple of their 3-wick candles I really wanted for the season as well. They were on sale for $15 each (and I was purchasing two of them), so I was able to use my coupon again, so I got them for $10 each, instead of their usual $25.


  1. Free meat: Hunting season has now begun and we have been blessed to know some hunters who gave us a few pounds of ground meat, plus a ring of sausage. This tasty meat was used as the entrees for a three dinners and didn’t cost us a thing!


  1. Combine sales & coupons: As mentioned, there were a few needed clothing items for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. One of them being a new pair of khakis for my husband’s work. Between in-store sales and a coupon that I had, I was able to buy him a $100 pair of pants for $35! I think I did a quick happy dance when I left the store.


  1. Attend a clothing swap: I went to my first clothing swap this month, which was a lot of fun! Everyone brings their old (still in good condition) clothes, shoes, and accessories and then you can pick out things you like. It’s like getting “new” items for free, plus you make room in your closet in preparation for it.


  1. Combine gift cards and coupons: We went on a movie date and not only did we get a free upgrade in the type of seat we got, we also got free popcorn by using our coupons. On top of that, we paid with a gift card, so the whole evening didn’t cost us a thing! Using coupons stretched out the value of our gift card, and we even had money to spare.

Additionally, I used another gift card to purchase a new sweater for myself (which is something I need for the cooler weather, and will be purchasing one or two merino wool sweaters for the winter). This sweater will be great for the fall weather, and only cost me $4 out of pocket!

It is kind of nice to look back at all of the simple and effortless ways we have been able to save money this past month! I look forward to this monthly series and see all of the little ways we will be able to save.


What are some of your everyday tricks to save money?


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